Online Knowledge Exchange

Young black woman is standing outside in a courtyard talking to a large group of people sitting down in chairs outside
Courtesy of the Rural Women Center for Education and Development (RuWCED)

In March 2022, the UN Trust Fund to End Violence against Women (UN Trust Fund), in partnership with the Spotlight Initiative, introduced SHINE, an online hub for global knowledge exchange on ending violence against women and girls. SHINE aims to connect a range of partners and change-makers to co-create, collaborate and amplify knowledge. It’s a space to share experiences and learn from others, in 50+ languages through instant translation.   

UN Trust Fund partners are invited to use this hub to network, share resources, exchange knowledge, problem solve and advocate for change together, through targeted consultations and communities of practice. 

Join the community now to share your valuable insights and join the conversation!  

The UN Trust Fund is actively engaged in inclusive knowledge exchange with civil society and women’s rights organizations (CSOs/WROs), partners, researchers, donors and other UN entities.

 In past years, the UN Trust Fund has:

Between November 2021 and June 2022, the UN Trust Fund hosted a series of eight webinars centring the learning from engagement and collaboration with 100+ grantee CSOs/WROs as well as external researchers involved in the co-production of knowledge products on preventing violence against women and girls – the “Learning from Practice” Prevention series. The webinar series provided a space to communicate key findings with experts, practitioners and advocates, as well as exchange experiences and learnings.