Movement building series


Civil society organizations (CSOs), especially women’s rights organizations (WROs), play an essential leadership role in prevention and response initiatives around the world. Evidence shows that the strength of WROs – and feminist movements as a whole – is a key factor in driving positive change to end violence against women and girls.  

The UN Trust Fund to End Violence against Women (UN Trust Fund) aims to enable CSOs, especially WROs and those representing the most marginalized groups, to play a central role in delivering survivor-centred and demand-driven initiatives and to support their programmes to achieve sustainable impact on ending violence against women and girls in a manner that contributes to global solidarity, partnerships and stronger, inclusive feminist movements. To do so, the UN Trust Fund has been learning lessons across its portfolio on the topic, including through existing support provided by the Spotlight Initiative, which focuses on promoting strong and empowered civil society and autonomous women’s movements. This series of paper developed in collaboration with grantees is composed of:

  1. An External Literature Review on the concept of feminist and women’s movements for ending violence against women and girls (EVAW/G)
  2. A framework of seven forms of movement power used by CSOs/WROs to strengthen feminist and women’s movements for EVAW/G
  3. A meta-analysis of the results of strengthening EVAW/G movements (coming soon