In Focus: International Women's Day 2024 and CSW68
Join the UN Trust Fund on International Women's Day and all throughout CSW68 to call for feminist funding to civil society and women's rights organizations working to end violence against women and girls. #InvestInWomen Learn more
In Focus: WE RISE 2023
“We Rise 2023” is a Regional Learning Exchange which happened in Nairobi, Kenya from 4 to 6 December 2023. It brought together grantees located in Africa and Latin America who received funding from the UN Trust Fund under the EU/UN Spotlight Initiative. Learn more
"Small and Mighty": a new UN Trust Fund podcast!
Listen to the voices of small civil society and women's rights organizations working to prevent and end violence against women, despite limited resources and emerging challenges. Learn more
group of women
Towards a gender-diverse leadership in El Salvador

COMCAVIS TRANS leads a bold initiative training gender-diverse women and service providers to become transformative leaders advocating to end violence against LBTQ women and girls.

Group of women sitting outside
Driving transformative change for Cambodian women and girls

In Cambodia, through community education and legal reform, CHEC addresses barriers faced by women and girl survivors of gender-based violence.

Ecuador: Championing safety against violence towards women in politics

CEPLAES is dedicated to empowering rural, Indigenous, Afro-Ecuadorian and trans women to exercise their political rights in Ecuador, without fear of discrimination and violence.

UN Trust Fund grantee partners joined together during GMS Lab exercise. Credit: Diep Nguyen/UN Trust Fund
Back in Motion: 26th Cycle Cohort In-Person Workshop

From 25 to 29 February, the UN Trust Fund to End Violence against Women brought together its #UNTFCommunity from its 26th grant cycle for a capacity enhancement workshop, enabling them to share experiences, network and foster a sense of community.

Strategic Plan 2021⁠–⁠2025
Front cover of the UN Trust Fund Strategic Plan 2021-2025 on the left with individual women representing different groups and on the right reads UN Trust Fund to End Violence against Women strategic plan 2021-2025


UN Trust Fund's CSW report 2024
UN Trust Fund Report to the Commission on the Status of Women 2024