2022 Snapshots
Learn more about the work of UN Trust Fund grantee organizations, who continued to protect women and girls despite severe challenges and achieved life-changing results throughout 2022. Learn more
Annual Report 2022 Webinar
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"Pathways to Prevention": a UN Trust Fund podcast!
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UN Trust Fund Report to the Commission on the Status of Women 2023
Check out the latest UN Trust Fund Report to the Commission on the Status of Women, reporting on progress and results achieved in 2022. Learn more
#StoryOfResistance - Leaving no woman or girl behind during the war in Ukraine
Since the war in Ukraine broke out, the Ukrainian Foundation for Public Health quickly adapted to keep providing specialist services to underserved women and girls. Learn more
A woman wearing a pink t-shirt, with brown hair, is seen painting on an egg above a table. Her face is not visible.
Supporting lesbian, bisexual and transgender women and girls in Albania

The Center "Shelter Edlira Haxhiymeri" (SEH) works hand in hand with the Streha Center for LBT women survivors of domestic violence to deliver empowering support services to women and girls at risk of being left behind.

Group of women standing up and sitting in a room
Making workplaces safer for women domestic workers in India

Through capacity building and advocacy, the Martha Farrell Foundation empowers women domestic workers and ensure they can work in safe environments.

Tunisia: Using technology to empower women and girls living with disabilities

CAWTAR supports women and girls living with disabilities to reclaim their right to live free from violence.

Physicians for Human Rights
Kenya: Innovative technology, a pathway to justice for survivors

Through an app to collect forensic evidence, Physicians for Human Rights ensures survivors of sexual violence have increased access to justice.

Strategic Plan 2021⁠–⁠2025
Front cover of the UN Trust Fund Strategic Plan 2021-2025 on the left with individual women representing different groups and on the right reads UN Trust Fund to End Violence against Women strategic plan 2021-2025


CSW Report 2023
CSW report UN Trust Fund