The UN Trust Fund Annual Report 2021 is here!
Discover how UN Trust Fund grantee organizations around the world continued their life-changing work in 2021, despite overlapping crises and a strong backlash on women's rights. Learn more
Ukraine: Continuing essential work for the most marginalized women
NGO Club Eney continues its lifeline work for women and girl survivors of violence in Ukraine, including women living with HIV, women who use drugs, self-identified women sex workers, and homeless women.  Learn more
"Learning from Practice: Prevention series" webinars
Check out the highlights of all "Learning from Practice: Prevention series" webinars as we celebrate our first milestone in the work to prevent violence against women and girls.    Learn more
Elevate practice-based knowledge on Prevention
Civil society and women’s rights organizations are guiding the work in ending violence against women and girls through their experiences and learnings. Check out our Prevention Series. Learn more
woman talking to another woman and holding a girl child's hand, in the background military men
Honduras: Responding to multiple crises to prevent violence against women

Centro de Estudios de la Mujer-Honduras prevents multiple manifestations of violence against women in rural and urban areas.

Group of women wearing purple t-shirts
Zimbabwe: Building feminist movements to end violence against women and girls

The Institute for Young Women’s Development is mobilizing community and building movement to transform women and girls into agents of change to end violence.

Woman standing in a field pointing at something with her finger
Bangladesh: Empowering women landowners

Badabon Sangho runs a project to improve Bangladeshi women's bargaining power over their own land and water resources.

group of women with blurred faces over a table
State of Palestine: Improving women’s and girls’ access to services

The Palestinian Counseling Center empowers women to take the lead to end violence despite communities' resistance.

Strategic Plan 2021⁠–⁠2025
Front cover of the UN Trust Fund Strategic Plan 2021-2025 on the left with individual women representing different groups and on the right reads UN Trust Fund to End Violence against Women strategic plan 2021-2025


Annual Report 2021
Cover image of the UN Trust Fund to End Violence against Women Annual Report 2021