In Focus: 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence
Violence against women and girls is still the most pervasive, widespread human right violation. But one thing is certain: it is preventable. There is #NoExcuse to not act against violence. This 16 Days of Activism, be part of the change, be part of the prevention movement. Learn more
PRESS RELEASE: UK announces new support to the UN Trust Fund for grassroot women’s rights organizations
At an FCDO event marking the annual 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence, the UK Development Minister Andrew Mitchell announced the new support up to £18 million for grassroots women’s rights organizations to the UN Trust Fund to End Violence against Women. Learn more
"Small and Mighty": a new UN Trust Fund podcast!
Listen to the voices of small civil society and women's rights organizations working to prevent and end violence against women, despite limited resources and emerging challenges. Learn more
Our Annual Report 2022 is out!
In 2022, UN Trust Fund grantee organizations continued to deliver life-saving work in the face of the protracted impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and other overlapping crises around the world. Learn more
#StoryOfResistance - Leaving no woman or girl behind during the war in Ukraine
Since the war in Ukraine broke out, the Ukrainian Foundation for Public Health quickly adapted to keep providing specialist services to underserved women and girls. Learn more
Group of women outside sitting in front of large banners for their UN Trust Fund supported project
Empowering Indigenous women and girls to access justice in rural Bolivia

The Centro Yanapasiñani Bolivia para el desarrollo de la Mujer y la familia is leading transformative change to ensure Indigenous women and girls can reclaim their right to justice and support services.

A group of women wearing colourful clothes is seen dancing with their hands up inside a white and yellow room
Preventing child marriage in India through education and community mobilization

In India, C3 is working to tackle the root causes and drivers of harmful practices such as child marriage, from poverty to school dropout.

Group of people standing outside holding up a banner with the project's name
Empowering rural women and communities to end gender-based violence in Nigeria

WUEE runs a project to ensure rural women and girls survivors and at risk of violence can have access to justice, economic opportunities and support services.

Two women seen discussing in a room while seated in a chair and a couch
Supporting lesbian, bisexual and transgender women and girls in Albania

The Center "Shelter Edlira Haxhiymeri" (SEH) works hand in hand with the Streha Center for LBT women survivors of domestic violence to deliver empowering support services to women and girls at risk of being left behind.