Navigating Diversity: Strategies for Resourcing Intersectionality
Save the date! Joins us in 30 July to hear directly from UN Trust Fund grantee partners, women's rights advocates, allies and experts on navigating diversity and intersectionality when it comes to ending violence against women and girls. Learn more
Our Annual Report 2023 is out!
In 2023, the UN Trust Fund actively supported the implementation of 191 bold, life-changing initiatives aimed at preventing and responding to violence against women and girls 68 countries and territories, across five regions. Find out more about the challenges, successes and impact of grantee partners in 2023. Learn more
In Focus: WE RISE 2023
“We Rise 2023” is a Regional Learning Exchange which happened in Nairobi, Kenya from 4 to 6 December 2023. It brought together grantees located in Africa and Latin America who received funding from the UN Trust Fund under the EU/UN Spotlight Initiative. Learn more
"Small and Mighty": a new UN Trust Fund podcast!
Listen to the voices of small civil society and women's rights organizations working to prevent and end violence against women, despite limited resources and emerging challenges. Learn more
Group of young women and girls standing outside a building, for a group photo, smiling at the camera
Reaching women and girls in all their diversity in 2023

In line with its commitment to leave no one behind, the UN Trust Fund invests in civil society and women’s rights organizations working to reach the most underserved women and girls. Find out how grantee partners drove transformative change for all women and girls in 2023.

Group composed of two UNTF team members and AHAC team members, in a room, looking at the camera
Gaziantep: Syrian women and girls in Türkiye are not invisible

In Türkiye, AHAC, a Syrian women-led organization, serves the Syrian refugee women who have experienced trauma from social and sexual violence in Türkiye since 2014.

Towards a gender-diverse leadership in El Salvador

COMCAVIS TRANS leads a bold initiative training gender-diverse women and service providers to become transformative leaders advocating to end violence against LBTQ women and girls.

Group of women sitting outside
Driving transformative change for Cambodian women and girls

In Cambodia, through community education and legal reform, CHEC addresses barriers faced by women and girl survivors of gender-based violence.