Knowledge Products


The UN Trust Fund to End Violence against Women (UN Trust Fund) considers the practice-based insights of civil society and women’s rights organizations (CSOs/WROs) to be invaluable for planning, designing and funding interventions aimed at ending violence against women and girls. In efforts to disseminate their knowledge, the UN Trust Fund works with grantee organizations and researchers to:

  • systematically extract lessons from practice;
  • inform all those engaged with preventing violence against women and girls; 
  • inform its own grant-making priorities;
  • and examine the critical role of CSOs/WROs in preventing violence against women and girls. 

Knowledge production with CSOs/WROs is intended to be collaborative and inclusive, as well as useful in terms of responding to organizational learning needs. Through consultations, focus groups discussions, stakeholder engagement and co-creation, knowledge management and knowledge production with the UN Trust Fund allow lessons from practice to emerge inductively and with greater ownership by the CSOs/WROs involved.

Engaging with the feminist inspired practice-based insights of CSOs/WROs has led to analysis and work in the series covering: the impacts of COVID-19; “Learning from Practice” on the prevention of violence against women and girls; summaries of small grant projects; and lessons from CSOs/WROs working to end violence against women and girls through building autonomous movements.