Final Evaluation: “Comprehensive Intervention to Guarantee Access to Justice for Women Victims of Gender-Based Violence” (Ecuador)

Authors/editor(s): Marcela Benavides Galárraga

Grantee: Acción Cuidadana por la Democracia y el Desarrollo (ACDemocracia) | Citizen Action for Democracy and Development

Country: Ecuador 

Period: February 2016 to February 2018 

Grant amount: $100,000

Description: The project focused on violence within the family, including violence against girls, non-marital violence and violence related to exploitation, as well as intimate partner violence. Its objective was to ensure female survivors of violence in the Ambato, Pelileo and Baños territories have greater access to a simpler and more effective justice system.

Main findings of the evaluation:  

  • strategic partnerships – in this case with national and local authorities ­– proved crucial to the success of the project;
  • significant advances were made in the conditions needed to improve access to justice and protection, and reparation of women's rights;
  • thanks to joint advocacy from UN Women and ACDemocracia leading the National Coalition of Women , a new comprehensive law on violence against women was approved, bringing with it a budget for gender action, reparation mechanisms and other procedures to help survivors; and over 150 women along with local authorities and leaders discussed legal issues concerning violence against women.

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Geographic coverage: Latin America and the Caribbean; Ecuador

Subject area(s): Access to justice and legal protection; Partnerships; National mechanisms

Resource type: Evaluation reports

Publication year: 2018