Final Evaluation: “Community-based Intervention to Alleviate the Different Forms of Violence against Women and Women's Vulnerability to HIV” (Egypt)

Authors/editor(s): Amal El Karouaoui

Grantee: Al Shehab Institution for Comprehensive Development

Country: Egypt

Period: January 2015 to December 2017

Grant amount: $367,712

Description: The project focused on creating a supportive environment that empowers women and supports their access to stigma-free services in order to expand their ability to address the forms of violence experienced daily. The overall goal was to support marginalized women who experience violence and/or face the risks of HIV.

Main findings of the evaluation:

  • Health, legal, psychological and anti-violence programmes reached 1,662 vulnerable women in Cairo;
  • The behaviour of these women changed: they were more open when reporting violence and seeking care with healthcare providers; and were more likely to access legal assistance when seeking divorce or identity papers;
  • The women learned about the nature of violence at the personal and structural level, expanding their understanding of interpersonal, family and health issues that intersect with violence against women;
  • Religious leaders and community members contributed to the effectiveness of the outreach strategy.


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Bibliographic information

Geographic coverage: Arab States/North Africa; Egypt

Subject area(s): HIV and AIDS; Service delivery; Citizen engagement

Resource type: Evaluation reports

Publication year: 2018