Final Evaluation: “Integrated Governmental and Community Based Strategy for Prevention and Response of Violence against Women and Girls in South Sudan”

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Dr. Francis Bwambale Mulekya

Grantee: American Refugee Committee

Country: South Sudan

Period: September 2011 to August 2013

Grant amount: $997,985


Publication description. The project’s goal was to improve the quality of response services for survivors of gender-based violence in five states in South Sudan.

Main findings of the evaluation:

  • the project mobilized and raised public awareness about the harmful effects of gender-based violence through community-based peer educators and case managers;
  • awareness and knowledge of gender-based violence was generally high (81 per cent of surveyed community members were aware of two response providers in their community; 59 per cent knew at least three forms of gender-based violence; and 60 per cent were knowledgeable of the impacts of gender-based violence in the community);
  • the project established a multi-sectoral referral pathway and improved the capacity of experts in the field at state level to continue their support for gender-based violence initiatives in South Sudan in the long term;
  • the capacity of service providers had been built to intervene in family conflicts and provide a valuable entry point for action on gender-based violence issues; and
  • communities were aware that domestic violence is a problem and that violence is not an acceptable way of resolving conflicts.


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Geographic coverage: Africa South Sudan
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