Final Evaluation: Preventing Exploitation, Abuse, Violence and Trafficking of Vulnerable Girls Through the Development of Effective and Accessible State Referral and Support Networks and Services” (Tajikistan)

Tajikistan final evaluation
Armen Melkumyan

Grantee: Child Rights Centre

Country: Tajikistan

Period: March 2008 – December 2011

Grant amount: $499,498


Publication description:

The project aimed to consolidate the system and practices for the rights, protection and rehabilitation of girls aged 10-18 in Tajikistan. Main findings of the evaluation:

  • facilitated a consolidated protection and rehabilitation system in a situation where various authorities and institutions had previously applied drastically divergent approaches and practices for handling violence cases;
  • successfully included civil society in the newly established protection and rehabilitation system, which made possible the participation of communities, community leaders, families, NGOs, volunteering specialists and other civic groups in the protection system and prevention activities; and
  • changed the system for protecting girls from a state-centred to a child-centred one.


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