Final Evaluation: “Give Payment Not Abuse: Protecting Informal Women Traders in Dar es Salaam from Violence against Women” (Tanzania)

Authors/editor(s): Clarence Kipobota

Grantee: Equality for Growth Limited

Country: Tanzania

Period: January 2015 to December 2017

Grant amount: $350,440

Description: The project aimed to: increase traders’ awareness and knowledge on violence against women in the market place; influence markets to adopt a model guideline for handling and tracking violence against women; enhance collaboration between law enforcers, market committees, municipal leaders, officials and traders to effectively address violence against women in markets; and share the model guideline with local government, civil society organizations and the media. The overall goal was to reduce sexual, verbal, physical and political violence against female traders in two districts (Ilala and Temeke) and improve protection and support when violence does occur, so that the women can more fully exercise their economic rights.

Main findings of the evaluation:

  • 86 per cent of women who took part in the survey at the end of the project stated that violence against women in the marketplaces had decreased;
  • By the end of the project, four to seven cases of violence against women were being reported each month (in the markets surveyed), down from around 20 cases per month in 2015.
  • 17,792 market traders were reached through legal aid services, training and awareness campaigns;
  • All traders know of and utilize legal para-professionals services; as a result of the improved capacities of authorities, over 90% of the female traders interviewed were able to access violence against women services.


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Geographic coverage: Africa; Tanzania, United Republic of

Subject area(s): Safe Cities and Safe Public Spaces; Service delivery

Resource type: Evaluation reports

Publication year: 2018