Final Evaluation: "Improvement of Conditions for Access to a Life Free of Gender Violence for Women in El Salvador"

Improvement of Conditions for Access to a Life Free of Gender Violence for Women in El Salvador
Silvia Rubio

Grantee: Asamblea de Cooperación por la Paz | The Assembly for Cooperation for Peace  

Country: El Salvador 

Period: January 2015 to December 2017 

Grant amount: $370,220 

Description: The project focused on physical, sexual, psychological or emotional and economic violence in the context of relationships, as well as femicide, sexual harassment and violence in institutions or public spaces. Its goal was to ensure that women in 13 municipalities in El Salvador experience a better response to gender-based violence as a result of institutional capacity building and the ability of civil society organizations to demand accountability from the government to implement the law. 

Main findings of the evaluation:  

  • the project increased the capacities of women and youth relating to local civil services, enabling their participation in local decision-making;
  • as a result of the project, 96 per cent of men and 93 per cent of women from San Pedro Masahuat, El Rosario de la Paz and San Rafael Obrajuelo understand the law, including women's rights, the sanction of violence against women and pro-women policies;
  • approximately 20,000 people received information about women’s right to live free of violence;
  • all of the prioritized municipalities approved equality  policies and two-thirds approved plans to prevent and pay attention to violence against women;
  • inter-institutional municipal networks for the prevention of violence against women were created in all prioritized municipalities; and
  • all women survivors of violence interviewed said that access to specialized care units had allowed them to break the cycle of violence and receive quality care.

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