Final Evaluation: “Documenting and Addressing Violence and Other Abuses as Experienced by Positive Women” (in South Africa)

aids legal network evaluation photo
Jayne Arnott

Grantee: AIDS Legal Network (ALN)

Country: South Africa

Period: September 2011 to August 2014

Grant amount: $576,800


Publication description. The project aimed to document and address violence and other abuses experienced by women living with HIV to address HIV-related violence and vulnerabilities among women living with HIV in three provinces of South Africa – Western Cape, Eastern Cape and KwaZulu Natal.

Main findings of the evaluation:

  • the number of beneficiaries engaged in project activities far exceeded planned targets with respect to women living with HIV (1,500 targeted, compared to 3,209 engaged); service providers (30 targeted, 1,556 engaged); and the public at large (1,200 targeted, 8,056 engaged);
  • the project attracted stakeholders not originally anticipated, and engaged in areas outside the original scope of the project due to demand;
  • the project was highly effective in engaging and achieving positive changes in the lives of women, including improved understanding of: women’s rights, the different forms of gender violence, laws and policies, and how culture and religion impact on gender violence; and
  • women were empowered to speak out, address challenges and recognize how knowledge can be translated into action on realising rights.


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Geographic coverage: Africa South Africa
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