Final Evaluation: “Father Training for Violence-Free Families” (Turkey)

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Grantee: The Mother Child Education Foundation (AÇEV)

Country: Turkey

Period: September 2010 – September 2013

Grant amount: $465,415


Publication description. The project sought to promote holistic child development by improving the parenting skills of fathers of children aged 2-10. The project included fathers, mothers, schoolteachers and members of the school community in a programme that fosters democratic, anti-violent and gender-sensitive attitudes and behaviour within the family.

  • Main findings of the evaluation:a modest improvement in fathers’ approaches and attitudes towards democratic parenting, violence and gender equality;
  • in general, the participants were positive when talking about the impact of the training on improving communication within the family;
  • the project’s greatest impact related to awareness of and attitudes towards violence; and
  • the training for mothers resulted in small improvements regarding violence awareness (in general, mothers already understood that the different categories of violence were indeed violent behaviour).



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