Final Evaluation: “Community-Based Sexual Assault and Prevention Programme” (Cambodia)

Cambodia SSC evaluation photo
Lauren Gurfein

Grantee: Social Services of Cambodia (SSC)

Country: Cambodia

Period: January 2009 – December 2011

Grant amount: $780,000

Publication description. The project addressed the physical, emotional and social needs of women and girls by offering high-quality, client-centred social work services for survivors of sexual violence and their supporters; and conducting effective awareness and prevention activities. It also promoted sustainability of its community-based model through replication training for like-minded organizations, which ensured clients received high-quality services outside of the organization and reinforced best practices on an ongoing basis. More broadly, the SSC challenged the norm of only offering shelter-based services, and confronted the deep-rooted tradition of casting victims of sexual violence out of their communities.

Main findings of the evaluation:

- the SSC had addressed gaps in the quality and availability of: services specifically catering to victims of sexual assault; programmes that incorporate psychosocial support; assistance for women and girls who want to live at home and not at a shelter; and services for survivors with special needs or disabilities; and

- these components responded to the true needs and preferences of survivors of sexual violence.


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