Generating results

Raising Voices
Photo: UN Trust Fund Grantee/Raising Voices

Generating results, learning lessons

The NGO Raising Voices ran a remarkable project in east and southern Africa to prevent violence against women and HIV. At its completion, the level of physical partner violence against women in the targeted communities was half that found in control communities (see Featured Evaluation). It is vital that the methods and outcomes of such projects are monitored and the lessons learned.

The UN Trust Fund has 20 years’ experience in supporting initiatives to end violence against women and girls. Rigorous external evaluation of projects and recording of the results show that with sustained effort and adequate resources, violence against women and girls can be reduced and prevented. They also show the types of initiatives most likely to succeed.

The UN Trust Fund’s Strategic Plan 2015-2020 states that the Fund will:

  • build a global Evidence Hub on ending violence against women and girls based on the evaluated results of projects supported by the UN Trust Fund;
  • create a platform for collecting, analysing and disseminating useful lessons from these projects that inform policy and programming to end violence against women and girls.

A Results Framework will translate the UN Trust Fund’s Strategic Plan into measurable results to enable the Fund and stakeholders to monitor achievements, learn lessons and hold the beneficiaries of grants to account. The Results Framework will monitor and report progress against indicators representing the Fund’s key areas of work and contribution to real change in the lives of women and girls.

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