UN Trust Fund Knowledge Exchange Event, 12-14 October 2016

Multisectoral approaches to supporting women survivors of violence



ECA Knowledge Event group photo Gemma Wood

Sixteen inspiring UN Trust Fund-supported organizations were in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina last week, sharing their experiences of delivering services to women survivors of violence in 10 countries and territories in Europe and Central Asia. They were joined by NGOs from Bosnia and Herzegovina, representatives from the Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina including Ms. Semiha Borovac, Minister for Human Rights and Refugees, partners from the Norwegian and Swedish Embassies, and UN staff.

The UN Trust Fund has long supported organizations working to improve multisectoral delivery of services in the region, particularly small, grassroots women’s organizations.

Among those that have enjoyed success are:

- Refleksione in Albania, which ran two UN Trust Fund-supported projects that led to legal reform and established a network of shelters and counselling centres for survivors and women at risk;

- the Foundation for Public Health in Ukraine, which established a referral system involving law enforcement agencies and ran an information campaign that increased the number of women accessing services;

- Fund B92 in Serbia, which piloted a model for economic empowerment of women survivors and women from marginalized social groups.

During the three-day event, evidence was gathered on the best ways of preventing and responding to violence against women and girls. This will be consolidated and then shared, so that others can better understand the challenges, solutions and best practices in multisectoral approaches to delivering services for survivors of violence. 


Read our working paper on Multisectoral coordination for service delivery to women survivors of violence in Europe and Central Asia.