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In March 2017, the Association Malienne pour le suivi et l’orientation des pratiques traditionnelles néfastes (AMSOPT) launched the initiative “Information and Sensitization against the Practices of FGM/C and Child Marriage in 30 Villages in Kayes Region”, supported by funds from the UN Trust Fund to End Violence against Women. The final evaluation found that the project contributed to a public commitment to abandon FGM/C and child marriage in 26 villages, and that the dialogue established between youths and adults on FGM/C and child marriage allowed an open and frank discussion on sensitive issue in the target communities.
Women’s Initiative for Gender Justice received a grant from the UN Trust Fund to End Violence against Women for its project “Advancing Gender Justice in Countries under ICC investigation” from January 2013 to December 2015. The evaluation found that the project improved medical and psychological documentation of sexual assault, strengthened police investigations and increased the likelihood of justice and reparations for women and girl survivors of sexual violence.