Final Evaluation Uruguay Unites to End Violence Against Women Girls and Adolescents

urguguay evaluation photo
Maruja Barrig & María Goñi Mazzitelli

Grantee: UN Country Team, Uruguay

Country: Uruguay

Period: January 2012 to December 2014

Grant amount: $999,999


Publication description. The main goals were to: improve public policy quality on domestic violence, thereby increasing implementation effectiveness; build capacities of the responsible public institutions; install institutional and procedural capacities at the territorial level; and consolidate relevant information. The main direct beneficiaries were the two inter-institutional workspaces partnering in the project. The indirect beneficiaries were women, girls and adolescents as they received improved prevention and aid services.

  • Main findings of the evaluation: despite the complexity of a new and bold partnership, important achievements were made in terms of expanding the definition of gender-based violence to include children and adolescents, and solidifying government commitment to ending violence; and
  • progress was made on aspects of a law against sexual violence and a law on human trafficking for sexual exploitation and the trafficking of immigrants.


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