Final Evaluation: Improving post-shelter lives of women survivors of violence (Pakistan) 

Final Evaluation: Improving post-shelter lives of women survivors of violence (Pakistan) 
The Evaluation Management Group 

Location: Sindh province, Pakistan  

Grantee: Rozan, Islamabad, Pakistan

Grant period: October 2019 – September 2023  

Grant amount: USD 494,153  

Authors/editors: The Evaluation Management Group  

Publication year: 2024  

The project "Improving post-shelter lives of women survivors of violence" was implemented in Sindh province, Pakistan, between October 2019 and September 2023 by the non-governmental organization Rozan with support from the UN Trust Fund. The project aimed to address the lack of follow-up mechanisms and institutional support for women survivors of violence who have required the safe space of shelters, especially when they leave shelters, in a country where domestic violence is a major concern and is deeply rooted in patriarchal norms. 

The final evaluation found that the project was important, innovative and vital for the safe reintegration of women survivors into society, and met its targets despite major external challenges.

Main findings of the evaluation: 

  • The project, which worked in collaboration with government departments and private shelters, successfully built the capacity of service providers and formulated policy for post-shelter integration of women survivors of violence. This meant that women received improved institutional response/support within and after leaving shelters.  
  • The project was effective in designing and initiating skills and vocational training for women survivors, which responded to the survivors' aspirations for financial independence. The evaluation found that women (including survivors of violence) had better opportunities for social and economic integration by the end of the project.  
  • Despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and the flood of 2022, the project met its targets.  

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