UN Trust Fund grants

The 2015 grants

WJI Guatemala take 3
Photo: UN Trust Fund Portfolio Manager/Mildred Garcia

In 2015, the UN Trust Fund received 1,715 applications from 119 countries and territories. The total funding requested was more than USD 662 million. The Fund awarded USD 12.86 million in 33 grants covering 29 countries and territories. Thirty civil society organizations and three governments received grants that are expected to reach 1.2 million beneficiaries by 2018.

In terms of the proportion of the total grant value allocated to various programmes:

  • 28 per cent went to Africa
  • 22 per cent to Asia and the Pacific
  • 20 per cent to Europe and Central Asia
  • 12 per cent to Latin America and the Caribbean
  • 10 per cent to Arab States and North Africa
  • 8 per cent to cross-regional programmes.

Just over USD 1 million (around 8 per cent of the total) was awarded in small grants (less than USD 100,000 each), predominantly to women’s organizations, as part of the UN Trust Fund’s new strategy to increase funding to small, grass-roots organizations.

To date, the UN Trust Fund has awarded USD 129 million to 463 initiatives in 139 countries and territories.

The UN Trust Fund has a current portfolio of 106 grants in 77 countries and territories worth a total of USD 54 million.

UN Trust Fund regional and thematic fact-sheets:


Arab States and North Africa

Asia and the Pacific

Europe and Central Asia

Latin America and the Caribbean

Addressing and preventing violence against women in conflict and post-conflict situations

Building a world without violence against women and girls: changing attitudes and mindsets

Focus on at-risk, marginalized and disadvantaged women

Small women-led organizations