Collecting evidence

ONIC Mildred Garcia
Photo: UN Trust Fund Portfolio Manager/Mildred Garcia

A stronger knowledge base will enhance global efforts to eliminate violence against women and girls. The UN Trust Fund will therefore: 

  • build a global Evidence Hub on ending violence against women and girls based on the evaluated results of projects supported by the Fund;
  • create a platform for collecting, analysing and disseminating lessons from these projects that will inform policy and programming.

The UN Trust Fund will help beneficiaries of grants to improve data collection, monitoring and evaluation. Dissemination of this information will inform programming on ending violence against women and girls, including through the UN Women’s Virtual Knowledge Centre to End Violence against Women and Girls.

 The Evidence Hub will: 

  • support beneficiaries of UN Trust Fund grants to share ideas, and test and debate different methodologies; 
  • produce an agreed number of knowledge products per year on promising practices; 
  • invest in projects that can contribute to the Evidence Hub by enhancing their research and evaluation components; 
  • develop partnerships at global and national levels between UN Trust Fund grant beneficiaries and research institutions, universities and other organizations in order to boost data collection, research and evaluation.