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National Committees for UN Women are independent non-governmental organizations that support the mission of UN Women through their public awareness initiatives about UN Women and global women’s issues. This includes fundraising efforts such as contributions to the UN Trust Fund.

In 2017, support was received from the UN Women National Committees of Iceland, Japan, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the United States of America.

Featured National Committee:

UN Women’s National committee in Australia recently visited Restless Development Nepal, a youth-led organization that is a grantee of the UN Trust Fund to End Violence against Women. Restless Development Nepal briefed the National Committee about their work in ending the harmful traditional practice of Chhaupadi, which physically separates menstruating women and girls and exposes them to risks of sexual assault and animal attacks. The project works with young people as peer educators and provides education and support to community leaders, traditional healers, local governments and organizations. In just two years, it trained 131 peer educators and its activities have reached over 20,000 girls and women, and 15,000 boys and men. Prior to the project, almost 20 per cent of girls and women used to sleep in a Chhaupadi hut during menstruation; now it is down to 5 per cent. The harmful traditional practice of Chhaupadi was officially criminalized in August 2017 thanks to advocacy efforts of organizations in Nepal like Restless Development.

“We were honoured to hear from two of the Restless Development youth advocates, who shared their experiences of Chhaupadi. […] They faced an uphill battle, but their strength and determination has truly made a difference for themselves and for all future girls. All of the participants were inspired by this project delivered by Restless Development, which was made possible by the UN Trust Fund”, said Claire Momsen, a staff member of the UN Women National Committee in Australia who participated in the visit.

Historically, UN Women’s National committee in Australia has donated almost USD 75,000 to the UN Trust Fund.

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Photo from the UN Women National Committee in Australia. Photo: Kalpana Battarai
The UN Women National Committee in Australia visits Restless Development Nepal. Photo: Kalpana Bhattarai/UN Women National Committee Australia