UN Women’s e-procurement platform: In-Tend

UN Women is pleased to announce that the UN Women e-procurement platform, In-Tend, is live for procurement activities initiated at UN Women headquarters in New York. The online platform will be rolled out to other locations in due time. The platform provides a simple, secure, and efficient way to manage UN Women’s solicitation processes, reducing time and cost for both buyers and vendors.

The e-procurement platform improves the solicitation process for all buyers and vendors by providing the following benefits:

  • Strengthens policy compliance;
  • Minimizes the need for manual review and approval through automation and policy embedding of the system;
  • Security, audit trails reduce risk of fraud;
  • Reduced administration allows more focus on robust evaluation and quicker award decisions;
  • Easier-to-apply, gender-responsive mechanisms in the procurement process;
  • Captures all vendor communication;
  • Minimizes human error;
  • Electronic approach supports the sustainability agenda while eliminating postal, printing, and storage costs;
  • 24-hour online access for vendors anywhere in the world; and
  • Structured process and online questionnaires help to achieve compliant responses.

Please note that all vendors will be required to register on the e-procurement platform: this costs nothing and will only take a couple of minutes.

Vendors that register will have the opportunity to categorize their organizations in terms of the services they provide. Click on the Business Classifications tab and add the UNSPSC codes for the goods/services that match your company profile.

In line with UN Women’s work to increase women’s participation in the procurement market and women’s share of awarded contracts and value spent, vendors must include information about women’s ownership and control in their respective businesses.

For detailed instructions on how to register your company, visit UN Women’s e-procurement platform.

For queries to the help desk, please email support[at]in-tend.co.uk with a copy to etendering.support[at]unwomen.org.

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