Doing business with UN Women

What we buy

UN Women procures a number of items which can be categorized in three broad types: goods, services and civil works.

Pie chart – UN Women procures a number of items which can be categorized in three broad types: goods, services and civil works.

The procurement process

The overall objective of the procurement process is to procure goods, services or civil works that best meet the needs of the requester in terms of quality, quantity and within a reasonable time. Procurement forms an integral part of UN Women’s strategy, since the ability to meet procurement needs of the organization will determine the continuity of programme activities and underlying operations. The strategic objective of procurement is best achieved through the transparent use of public funds by ensuring effective competition, which affects the choice of procurement methods, documentation and procedures that are used.

UN Women uses a competitive process to obtain offers and award contracts. The major emphasis is to achieve best value for money in a transparent manner.

In general, three types of solicitation methods are undertaken to fulfil procurement requirements. The following types of solicitations provide generic specifications and vary according to the estimated monetary value and the nature of the requirement.

Product category Types of competition Solicitation method
Goods/services/civil works Formal invitation for quotes or advertised publicly, depending on the complexity or nature of the product Request for quotations (RFQ)
Services or complex goods/works Advertised publicly Request for proposals (RFP)
Goods/works or simple services Advertised publicly Invitation to bid (ITB)

Solicitation documents:

Although this is the standard solicitation procedure for UN Women, the selection of the type of solicitation method may vary case-by-case, depending on the complexity of the scenario.

The contract is awarded to the most qualified and responsive offeror (based on pre-defined criteria) submitting the lowest quote/proposal/bid.

To better understand UN Women’s procurement needs and participate in the bidding process, we encourage potential suppliers to regularly monitor procurement notices, including requests for “expressions of interest”, published in the list of current solicitations and the United Nations Global Marketplace (UNGM).

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